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Livestock Production

Calculating Average Number of Head Per Year in a Feedlot Enterprise & Average Daily Gain/Total Gain Per Head (.xls) Jay D. Olsen, Instructor
Snow College, Richfield, UT
This preadsheet calculates the average number of head per year in a feedlot enterprise, as well as the average daily gain per head and the total gain per head for the feeding period. Jay uses the spreadsheet when working with students in entering their data into the FINAN Feedlot Enterprise for their enterprise analysis.-- 2009 Exchange of Ideas submission; added 7/27/09.
"Dairy Cash Price Required" Calculator (.xls) Ira Beckman, Instructor
South Central College
Jordan, MN
This is a spreadsheet used to determine what the cost required per unit is for a specific enterprise. The example given is a dairy. This may be significantly different than cost of production from the analysis, as term debt payments and family living are used instead of depreciation and value of labor & management. This can be used for historical information or for forward planning.-- 2009 Exchange of Ideas submission; added 7/27/09.
Graphing With RankEm & Excel:
   Graphing Cheat Sheet
   Dairy Graphs
Ron VanNurden
Riverland Community College- Owatonna, MN
The spreadsheet and explanation sheet contain information to help use Rankem data from Finan analysis and graph comparisons between various farms. The information for Rankem comes from large dairy herds in Minnesota.

Rankem and Finan are farm management software programs from the University of Minnesota's Center for Farm Financial Management.-- last update 1/1/06
Heifer Raising Matrix
  Matrix Introduction
Ron VanNurden, Owatonna, MN The Heifer Raising Matrix uses two variables to determine the per head per day fee that the raiser will receive, and an evaluation matrix that looks at the results of the matrix and calculates how much money is left for covering the costs other than feed.-- 2008 Exchange of Ideas, last update 10/3/08
Livestock Finishing Analysis Spreadsheet Gary Thome,
Riverland Community College- Austin, MN


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