Resource Library Introduction


The Resource Committee has been working to develop a format for submitting our members’ work into an online Resource Library so that all members can make use of the material. The committee has developed these criteria for submission:

  1. Commercial software is not acceptable. Templates and files designed on programs like WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT are okay.
  2. The submitted work should contain the author’s name and/or organization.
  3. The work should follow a file-naming convention with no spaces, such as filename.xls, file_name.xls or FileName.xls.
  4. Be sure you cite any references used in preparing your work.

The committee also encourages members to submit information about useful web links. The link must have been used by the person submitting the site, and the link information should include an abstract about the site and an evaluation of the usefulness of the site. Online courses can also be submitted to the library. Use the same format as the web link to submit online courses. The Resources Committee will review all work that is submitted before it is placed in the library to ensure limited duplication of work and an acceptable quality of material.


Thank you for your interest in this project. We look forward to seeing your work.


The Resource Committee



Wayne Pike   Betsy Jensen   Bill Januszewski
   Deb Pike


  • The User agrees not to hold the Resource Committee or NFRBMEA responsible for his/her use of the Resource Library;
  • The User agrees to acknowledge the original author(s) of material submitted to or obtained from the Resource Library, and
  • The User agrees to use any information from the Resource Library in an ethical and professional manner.
  1. I AGREE

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