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Farm Financial Management

buildingrent.xls Unknown-- Submitted by Ron Van Nurden,
Riverland Community College
Program calculates out a fair rental rate for buildings that are rented out. The program allows the user to input % of value for taxes, insurance, repairs, depreciation and interest.

An older program that still has value in calculating out rental rates for buildings.
"Choosing the Correct Entities for Your Farming Operation" (.ppt) Submitted by John Hobert,
Riverland Community College- Kenyon, MN
This presentation by Miller Legal Strategic Planning Centers discusses sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, C corporatioins, and limited liability companies as far as their advantages and disadvantages.

Reviewer Comments: This is an excellent look at the various forms of business ownership. It helps to answer many of the questions farmers have when it comes to business reorganization.
Flexrent.xls Unknown-- Submitted by Ron Van Nurden,
Riverland Community College- Owatonna, MN
This program evaluates the results of using a flex rent contract. It includes returns to both the renter and landlord. It has tables that evaluate the various prices and yields, and what will happen in to returns.-- last update 9/12/07
Graphing Finan Data with RankEm & Excel

Cheat Sheet for Graphing with RankEm & Excel
Ron Van Nurden,
Riverland Community College- Owatonna, MN
The spreadsheet and explanation sheet contain information to help use Rankem data from Finan analysis and graph comparisons between various farms. The information for Rankem comes from large dairy herds in Minnesota.

Rankem and Finan are farm management software programs from the University of Minnesota's Center for Farm Financial Management.-- 2007 Exchange of Ideas
Illustration Technique:How a Loan Payment is Not an Expense Jay Stretcher, Instructor
Morgan Community College
Colorado Springs, CO
"I illustrate how a loan is not an expense when it is paid back by giving my student a dollar bill and then asking for it back. I ask my student if I have had any income and if they have had any expense when it is given back."-- 2009 Exchange of Ideas submission; added 7/27/09.
Risk Management Enhancement of a model constructed by Matthew Diersen, South Dakota State Univ., 2000, submitted by Andrew Swenson This program simulates gross revenue per acre (less crop insurance and marketing costs) for specified crop insurance and marketing strategies, over a range of harvest time prices and yields. -- 2007 Exchange of Ideas
RROA-RROE.xls Wayne Pike, Riverland Community College- LeRoy/Plainview, MN Interactive spreadsheet lesson on rate of return on assets and rate of return on equity based on information from David Kohl's Book, "Weighing the Variables" and ties in closely with Finan. -- 2006 Exchange of Ideas, last update 6/26/06
"Running a Farm Business Without Records is Like Running a Clock Without Hands" (.ppt) John Hobert, Instructor
Riverland Community College- Kenyon, MN
PowerPoint presentation discussing the benefits of keeping excellent farm records. -- added 10/3/08


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