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CropAnalysisSample_Blank.xls Jay Olson,
Lake Region State College
CropAnalysisSample_Completed.xls Jay Olson,
Lake Region State College
Crop Comparison Template
1⁄28⁄13 Crop Comparison (BE)
3⁄1⁄13 Crop Comparison Worksheet
Dwight Aakre,
submitted by Keith Torgerson, North Dakota State Univ.
Planning templates & worksheet -- 2008 Exchange of Ideas Submission; added 8/6/08; corrected & updated 8⁄1⁄13; 3⁄1⁄13 worksheet also added 8⁄1⁄13
CropPlanning.ppt Jay Olson,
Lake Region State College
Graphing With RankEm & Excel:
   Cheat Sheet
   Corn Graphs
   Corn Graphs, Returns
   Soybean Graphs
Ron VanNurden,
Riverland Community College- Owatonna, MN
The spreadsheets and explanation sheet contain information to help use RankEm data from the Finan analysis and graph comparisons between various farms to determine trends and reasons why profits and returns vary from farm to farm.

Rankem and Finan are farm management software programs from the University of Minnesota's Center for Farm Financial Management.
-- updated 1/1/06


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