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Background and Need

Over 400 agricultural education professionals from the National Farm and Ranch Business Management Education Association (NFRBMEA) and the National Association of Farm Business Analysis Specialists (NAFBAS) work with over 40,000 farmers and ranchers each year. After educating thousands of students for many years, a large number of the current farm management educators are now nearing retirement age. As a result, a tremendous need exists for initial and continued in-service for educators if the quality of education is to continue. Recruitment and retention of teachers as well as a provision for professional and continuing education needs will ensure a sufficient supply of informed and effective professionals for years to come. In addition to teachers, professional development needs exist for many other entities within the food and fiber industry. More specifically, perennial professional development needs exist for agribusiness professionals including accountants, rural appraisers, agricultural lenders, insurance agents, pest management specialists, etc.

Quality professional development efforts are accomplished by timely and on-going assessments of the professional development needs of individuals. Evidence of the nature and need for continuing and professional development by farm business and production management educators verified for the membership of the NFRBMEA through a study recently completed to determine the professional needs of its members. The findings confirmed that different professional development needs do exist for instructors with differing years of experience and from different types of farm business and production management programs.

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Our Mission

To instill into each institute member competence and self-confidence in technical areas critical to the success of early career FBM instructors.

To teach institute members to take this technical knowledge and practically apply it to their farm clients.